Huga is on a secret noble mission

to sneak in nutrition through ice cream. You should never have to choose between health and indulgent taste. Ice cream currently available in the Indian market is heavy on the sugar and fat, with very little protein. Its association with indulgence, comes at a very dear price of health.


This is where Huga changes the game. It delivers high protein (higher than milk) with very little added sugar. It’s also rich in prebiotic fiber as a standard offering. Made with all natural, industry’s best available ingredients to deliver health and well-being for everyone – be it growing kids, adults or the elderly.


And it comes to you in a choice of flavours:

Huga is good for kids:

º 120% more proteins than milk, essential for growth

º Rich in fiber, boosts immunity by im proving gut health

Also, great for adults:

º 120% more proteins than milk, essential for muscle growth

º Low added sugar – Most of the sweetness comes
from Stevia, a plant based sugar substitute

º Low Glycemic Index (Diabetic-friendly)

º Makes you full – helps manage weight through portion control

º Rich in fiber, boosts immunity by improving gut health

º Less than 90 Kcal per serving

Packed with Protei power

Proteins are basically Lego pieces for your body – the building blocks for all human cells. After water, it’s the second most abundant part of you. It helps you with everything from losing weight to muscle repair, including keeping your skin healthy. The joy of ice cream, with the goodness of protein – that’s what you get in every scoop of HUGA.

Sweetened with Stevi

HUGA uses very little sugar and more of Stevia – a 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener that’s obtained from a leafy plant that is native to South America. Studies have proven that Stevia can lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease, strokes and kidney failure. It also lowers blood blood sugar levels and helps fight diabetes, one of the biggest health problems we face today. 

Comparison Chart – Huga Vs Other ice creams




Added Sugar





6 grams

10 grams

4 grams

2.5 grams

3 grams

80 kcal

ic cream

3 grams

20 grams

14 grams

0 grams

10 grams

180 kcal

Gag point
for Hug

Helps build muscles and bones and skin. Think of it as Lego foryour body.

Excess carbs can make you gainweight, increase risk of diabetes, andcan harm your organs over time.

Too much sugar causes weight gain, tooth gain and host of other health problems.

Fiber lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and helps you maintain weight.

Consuming excess fat increases your cholesterol levels and the risk of developing heart disease.

The more calories you consume, the more you have to burn with exercise to stay healthy.

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