Let’s make it simple- We love Ice cream. We know you love ice cream too! Hence we decided to develop & handcraft Ice cream which should taste delicious and yet be part of our regular diet all under 500 Kcals. Finally, when we tasted our results we enjoyed so much that we decided to share our joy with everybody! We name it HUGA (Danish word for Comfort and Well being). Now we cant wait for you to choose among the flavors to share our joy. After all Sharing is Caring!

“It won’t taste good but it’s very good for you. So eat it.”

How often have we all heard those very words from our parents? Growing up back then, we didn’t have snacking choices that offered the promise of both taste and health. As a result, junk food becomes an inseparable part of the diet. We crave the taste, unaware of the damage it wreaks. As a food technologist, I studied eating habits and explored the possibility of amalgamating health and taste, offered by a kind of food everyone universally loves. It’s perhaps the purest, simplest form of joy – ice cream.

And my inspiration to do so, came from my family. I wanted to recreate the joy of ice cream, with none of the guilt. The kind of ice cream, that everyone of all ages could indulge in, without worry. After research and study of numerous scientific journals, along with over 11 years of experience in the food industry, I finally arrived at a solution. A seal of approval for its taste and texture, from my wife and mother, sealed the deal. Thus, Huga was born – a low-calorie, high protein ice cream. Finally, a kind of indulgence that is guilt-free.

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